ParisDOC Public Forum

Thursday March 21, 9h30-18h00, Forum des Images

For its 41st edition, Cinéma du réel festival is focusing its Public Forum for documentary professionals on the theme: “Territoriality of funding, territoriality of content”.

In the 2000s, mainly thanks to the CNC’s incentive-based policy, French regional territories became the levers crucial to the existence of various films, production companies and directors and technicians not based in Paris. And the regions are now firmly established in the national and international landscape.

The emergence of these new actors and new practices constituted a fundamental shift that has upended some of the habits of the profession and its representatives. Today, with the restructuring of French regional authorities, this shift has accelerated even more, and most of the regional territories have had to redefine their policy in support of the cinema and audio-visual creation. 

What specific difficulties do authors and producers encounter with territorial-based funding? When deciding which films to support, how can the right balance be found between prioritising the subject and attaching value to the work of creation? What ways forward exist to achieve better complementarity between funding and content when the framework of documentary production is territorialised?

The common goal of this Public Forum day is to question the relationship between audio-visual creation and the regional territories, and compare notions as fundamental as centralism with regard to the economic, geographic and cultural specifics of each territory.

9h30-10h00 I Introduction

Julie Paratian (producer, President of the board Les Amis du Cinéma du réel)

Catherine Bizern (General delegate and Artistic director, Cinéma du réel)

10h00-13h00 I Panorama

modéré par/moderated by : Cyril Smet (Cinema Delegate, SPI)

1st part:

– Céline Dréan (director – member in Bretagne)

– Jean-Baptiste Fribourg (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – producer – member of the APPAA)

– Marie Dumoulin (Hauts de France – producer – President of the board RHIZOM)

– Gabrielle Schaff (Normandie – director, President of the board of ARNO)

2nd part:

– SCAM : Nicolas Mazars (Director of Legal and Institutional Affairs)

– CICLIC : Pierre Dallois (head Pôle création) -to be confirmed

– Région Hauts de France : Malika Aït Gherbi Palmer (President of the board, Pictanovo)

– Région Pays de Loire : Olivier Brumelot (Channel and program Delegate, France 3)

– Région Nouvelle Aquitaine : Eric Correia (Elected member for Culture) – to be confirmed

14h00-16h30 I Case studies

moderated by : Alexandre Cornu (producer, Les Films du Tambour de Soie, President of the board EURODOC)

Game Girls by Alina Skrzeszewska (France-Allemagne/Germany, 2018)

with Jean-Laurent Csinidis (producer, Films de Force Majeure) – Sortie salle 21 novembre 2018 – projet présenté en partenariat avec/ project presented in partnership with EURODOC

Brise-Lames by Hélène Robert et Jérémy Perrin (France, 2019)

avec Hélène Robert (director), Jean-Baptiste Fribourg (producer, La Société des Apaches) et Patricia Limoge (In charge of Cinema-Audiovisual Mission in the Documentary Sector Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)

Samouni Road by Stefano Savona (France, Italy, 2018)

with Stefano Savona (director), Penelope Bortoluzzi (producer Picofilms), Cécile Lestrade (coproducer Alter Ego production) 

16h30-18h00 Echange avec le CNC

with Julien Neutres (Director of Creation, Territories and Audiences, CNC)

moderated by : Régis Sauder (director) et Colette Quesson (producer, A Perte de Vue productions)