ParisDOC Works-in-progress 2018



Countries of production: France, Algeria

Original Title: L’arrachement

Directing: Dorothée-Myriam Kellou

Production: Eugénie Michel-Villette (Les films du Bilboquet) and Mariem Hamidat (HKE Production Algérie)

Status: Final edit

Synopsis: I set out with my father, an Algerian filmmaker exiled in France, on a journey to the village where he grew up as a child. There, we gather the silent memory of those who bore witness to France’s colonial policy of forcibly resettling Algeria’s rural population.



Country of production: France

Original Title: Kongo

Directing: Hadrien La Vapeur and Corto Vaclav

Production: Hadrien La Vapeur and Corto Vaclav (Expédition Invisible)

Status: Rough cut

Synopsis: In Brazzaville, apostle Médard’s mission is to heal victims of witchcraft. When one d ay we publicly accuse him to be a witchdoctor as well.



Country of production: France

Original Title: Percepts

Directing: Olivier Zabat

Production: Camille Laemlé and Serge Lalou (Les Films d’Ici)

Status : Rough cut

Synopsis: Many people are experiencing on a daily basis perceptions, voices or sensations of presences, which are inaudible or invisible to the rest of us. Percepts is a sensitive exploration which maps out the perceptions of “voice hearers”.

VERTICAL TIME (working title)


Country of production: Spain

Original Title: Tempo Vertical

Directing: Lois Patiño

Production: Felipe Lage (Zeitun Films) and Iván Patiño (Amanita Films)

Status: Rough cut

Synopsis: A village in the Galician coast. Time seems to stand still. Everybody is paralysed in a reflexive posture while nature and animals move freely. However, we can still hear people talking and moving, as if they were in a parallel dimension. The feeling is like being in a limbo full of spectres. Three women show up, they seem to be able to move between those two dimensions. Those women are trying to do something we are not able to understand yet.



Country of production: Mexico

Original Title: Una corriente salvaje

Directing: Nuria Ibáñez

Production: Tatiana Graullera 

Status: Post-production

Synopsis: Chilo and Omar seem to be the only two men on earth. They live on a solitary beach in Baja California, Mexico, and their constant activity is fishing to survive. Their friendship, surrounded by sensuality, reminds of a love story. Through their conversations and their relationship, the film explores and portraits human condition.


On March 26 and 27, a select panel of international industry professionals will meet in Paris to watch these projects and meet their makers.

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