ParisDOC Works-In-Progress 2020

We are delighted to announce the selection of ParisDOC Works-in-Progress 2020!

This year, ParisDOC invites 3 European festivals, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Torino Film Festival et CinéDOC – Tbilisi, to present 3 projects supported by the funds Czech Film Fund, Piemonte Doc Film Fund and the Georgian National Film Center. 


8 feature-length documentary projects, French and internationals,
at different stages of production.


BLIND STEPS by Christophe Cognet

County of production: France, Germany
Original title: À pas aveugles
Director: Christophe Cognet
Production:  l’atelier documentaire (Raphaël Pillosio), Oval Media
Status: Editing almost completed


GHOST TOWN by Nicolas Peduzzi

Country of production: France
Original title: Ghost Town
Director: Nicolas Peduzzi
Production:  GoGoGo Films (Carine Ruszniewski)
Status: In production



Countries of production: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Original title: Každá Minuta Života
Director: Erika Hníková
Production:  Endorfilm (Jiří Konečný), Punkchart films (Ivan Ostrochovský)
Status: In post production


In partnership with Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival and Czech Film Fund


Country of production: Spain
Original title: Mbah Jhiwo 
Director: Alvaro Gurrea
Production:  My Deer Films (Rocio Mesa)
Status: Rough cut


MOTHER LODE by Matteo Tortone

Countries of Production: France, Italy, Swiss
Original title: Mother Lode
Director: Matteo Tortone
Production: Wendigo Films (Alexis Taillant, Nadège Labé), Malfé Film (Margot Mecca), C-Side productions (Benjamin Poumey)
Status: In post production


In partnership with Torino Film Festival and Piemonte Doc Film Fund

SUNNY by Keti Machavariani

Country of production: Georgia
Original title: Mziuri
Director: Keti Machavariani
Production:  Sunny Films (Keti Machavariani and Tsisana Khundadz), Terra Incognita Films (Nato Sikharulidze, Giorgi Mukhadze and Giorgi Kobalia)
Status: In production


In partnership with CinéDOC – Tbilisi and Georgian National Film Center

THE LAST HILLBILLY by Diane Sara Bouzgarrou and Thomas Jenkoe

Country of production: France
Original title: The Last Hillbilly
Directors: Diane Sara Bouzgarrou and Thomas Jenkoe
Production:  Films de Force Majeure (Jean-Laurent Csinidis)
Status: In post production


VENICE BEACH, CA by Marion Naccache

Countries of production: France, Brasil 
Original title: Venice Beach, CA 
Director: Marion Naccache
Production: Marion Naccache et Franck Leibovici, Pikel productions (Jérôme Czapka) and Franco Filmes e produções (Ailton Franco Junior)
Status: Rough Cut


In Paris, on March 17 to 19, a select panel of international industry professionals will watch these projects and meet their makers.

Please note that these screenings are accessible only to professionals engaged in an activity related to film distribution and broadcast: festival and TV programmers, sales agents, theatrical, digital distributors and theatrical exhibitors.

Contact us in order to participate:

We warmly thank all the submitters for their trust and interest.