Winners Special Thanks


THE YEAR OF THE DISCOVERY (El Año del descubrimiento) by Luis López Carrasco


MAKONGO by Elvis Sabin Ngaibino


CHRONICLE TO THE STOLEN LAND (Chronique de la terre volée) by Marie Dault

We are very happy to see the interest shown in the history of Venezuelan working-class districts, and to see that this struggle is looking at us. And what does it see when it looks at us? Us, here, in the confinement of our spaces, our houses, our territories, and way that these are unfairly shared out. And, when this struggle looks at us, it also sees those who have access to space, to land, to the protection of a home and those who have no right or title to share a territory. So it is with these people, those who have no right to being, that we share this award. Thank you for having seen in this film the experience of a world that you have decided – by giving this award – to recognise as your own. We dream that we will keep in mind the case of Venezuela’s working class districts when it is time to build the world after. – Marie Dault


I’m very happy that this film was able to move the juries in such a troubled time, while their members, in lockdown and separated, had to watch the selection online. Many thanks to Catherine Bizern and all her team for having managed to keep the Cinéma du reel alive despite the cancellation and everything being suspended! Thank you to Gaëlle Jones, the film’s producer, so daring and tenacious. I don’t think that there are many producers today as committed as she is. Thank you to Géraldine Gomez, who has warmly supported us from the outset, to  Charlotte Tourrès, Carole Verner and Ivan Gariel, who accompanied the work without faltering. Finally, thank you to Nathalie Richard because, at the end of the journey, her talent and elegance made it possible for this form to exist. Certainly, in the present context of collapse, the film cannot but resonate differently. And I have not yet measured to what extent and in what way the point of the film has shifted. I find that the “special mention” fits it very well and am delighted! Also, I was especially pleased that it had convinced the members of the Young Jury, which means they are not faint-hearted faced with the spectacle that our wars produce. I wanted these images to be seen on the big screen, it was even one of the challenges of this project, so this aid for its distribution will provide valuable support. Thanks again to all of you! I really hope that we can meet up soon, see the films in cinemas, and discuss together freely and endlessly.  – Eléonore Weber


YESTERDAY THERE WERE STRANGE THINGS IN THE SKY (Ontem havia coisas estranhas no céu) by Bruno Risas

We are currently experiencing a huge movement in the world. It manifests itself with this new virus that highlights the mistreatment that we have subjected to life on the planet for centuries. Here in Brazil, to top it off, taking the place of the leader of the state we have a man who is a blatant genocide, someone who wants to promote in Brazil the return to the social structures that Europe lived in the 16th century. The same social structures that founded expansionist and extractive thinking that transformed Pindorama, Abya Yala, Tawantinsuyu, Anahuac and other territories in what we now call America. The conditions that permit a man like him to have such power nowadays are wounds that remain open and that are felt daily in the violent contradictions inherent in this historical process. Sadly, we follow the worldwide quarantine that impeded hundreds of things, including being together in the screenings at Paris’ theaters. Despite of everything, we will celebrate. Because celebrating is a gesture of denial to what is imposed: a reality that does not contemplate our possibilities to perceive the world, to desire the world. We will celebrate and thank you for the work of the festival team in keeping it up and allowing our sensibilities to be shared. We also thank the jury that granted us this award for the care and attention to the film. In addition to the joy of touching someone emotionally with this film, this cash prize will be very important to encourage the continuity of our work in the face of the interruption of public policies for Brazilian cinema. I hope that we can meet in person soon.Finally, I want to say some last words by myself. I need to thank in particular each person who was part of this long living/filming process, reconfiguring our notions of work, ritual and affection, whose dedication materializes in each frame and each noise of this film. To the family, the team, the Sancho & Punta partnerships, the friends. Much love. – Bruno Risas


EXPEDITION CONTENT by Ernst Karel, Veronika Kusumaryati

We would like to thank the Cinéma du Réel for selecting our work “Expedition Content” for the festival. Moreover, we are grateful to the jury for this special mention for the Cinéma du Réel Loridan-Ivens / CNAP. “Expedition Content” is a work about encounters, those between the Hubula people and Michael Rockefeller, and we take inspiration from films such as “Chronique d’un été,” which, in this case through Loridan-Ivens’ question, shows us how unexpected encounters can reveal a visible and hidden work of history. Today, under the tremendous pressure from militarization and massive developmental projects under the Indonesian administration, globalization, and global threats like the coronavirus, the Hubula and their fellow Papuans are struggling to maintain their dignity and survival as a people. We hope that this work will bring attention to West Papua and invite solidarity to the Papuan people. – Ernst Karel, Veronika Kusumaryati


BACK TO 2069 by Elise Florenty, Marcel Türkowsky

ex aequo with

DON’T RUSH by Elise Florenty, Marcel Türkowsky

We are very grateful for being awarded the Cinema du Reel short film prize for Back to 2069 and Don’t Rush, two films that are particularly relatable in this time of confinement and lockdown, solitude and hope for freedom and togetherness. We first would like to thank our friends Renia, Elvira, Vagelis, Athanasios, and the trio Alekos, Giannis, Vlasis – without whom the films would not exist – as well our families, Grimmuseum and Michigan Films, our Belgian producers that supported us throughout this journey. We also would like to thank all the people that have seen the films so far, and that have expressed to us a strong emotional bond to the films, especially when it comes to the radical grace of Don’t Rush. Octavio Paz said in his Labyrinth of Solitude that what Filoktitis feared, alone on his island, was not so much not being rescued by society, but rather being reintegrated into it by force. So one wonders now how to face the same senselessness of going back to the “normal world order”, when it should urge us to make changes. In this regard a cinema of change and transformation is what might be the driving force of filmmaking. Thanks again. Viva! – Elise Florenty, Marcel Türkowsky

SHORT FILM AWARD (Special Mention)

RESERVE by Gerard Ortín Castellví

“Première fenêtre” Audience Award

MARIA K. by Juan Francisco González

In times of global social crisis, cinema plays a role of resistance so that we can reflect, imagine and build a society different from the current one. Many thanks to the whole team and to my colleagues from the Ateliers Varan, and especially to María Koleva – Juan Francisco González