#04 Pierre Creton

At the heart of Pierre Creton’s cinema, is first and foremost the encounter. With beings, places, readings, events and the singular experience of a man living amongst the living, determined to be together. Between living and doing, the films are woven. Acting, feeling, desiring. Films sustained by the lyricism and sensuality of gestures and bodies, as much as events and action. The combination of Pierre Creton’s life and filmmaking is central to his oeuvre and to the creative alchemy that leaves its mark on all of his films. This combination is the material for each film and dictates their form.

It is with deep emotion that, on seeing Pierre’s first films again, I recognise the formal attempts, the narrative principles, and images, some of which will grow stronger while others will nurture recurrent and more or less direct variations. But also, from one film to another, entering into an intimacy, a circle of well-meaning friends where each living being takes care of the other and the surrounding world. People, animals, cliffs, roads and fields… We can imagine Pierre Creton as a surveyor of his familiar territory but also of a cinematic territory whose expansion in concentric circles we experience on discovering the totality of his films.

Creton, a surveyor rooted in his ground, has an acolyte, Vincent Barré; Vincent is the one who leaves, travels afar, sometimes dragging Pierre along with him, as infrequently as possible so it seems. Yet, it is as a twosome, in their exchanges of news from both near and far, in an attentive sharing of a permanent “here”, that the story, the experience and the fiction of the world are conveyed to us.

Catherine Bizern


Pierre Creton #01

Screening followed by a discussion with Pierre Creton
"The first films, first feature-length film. From where I am, I see a couple who are now disappearing: the filmmaker and the farmer…" (P.C.)

Pierre Creton #02

Screening followed by a discussion with Pierre Creton and Gaël Teicher
"My arrival at Jean Lambert’s house in Vattetot-sur-mer, death at work, the life of ghosts." (P.C.)

Pierre Creton #03

Screening with Sophie Roger, A shared territory. followed by a discussion with Pierre Creton and Sophie Roger.
"I’ve never understood work as offering a connection, but friendship at work was enough for me, Sophie tells me." (P.C.)

Pierre Creton #04

Four films in collaboration with Vincent Barré. screnning followed by a discussion with Pierre Creton et Vincent Barré
Sedentariness and the call to travel: two ways of cultivating the same passion for solitude. Whether you stay or leave, what’s important is to feel the state of solitude that alone can make encounters possible and open up the way back. (Cyril Neyrat)

Pierre Creton #05

Screening presented by Pierre Creton
"I wanted to follow the children of the farmers I worked for, at their school. Five years later, I followed their grandparents when they moved from one retirement home to the other." (P.C.)

Pierre Creton #06

Special screening Françoise Lebrun followed by a discussion with Pierre Creton et Françoise Lebrun "Françoise is reading; under a tree for the nightingales, or in the din of worksite cranes, in the garden of a retirement home soon to be ripped from its nature setting. Proust has pride of place! How will we go about disappearing?" (P.C.)

Pierre Creton #07

N'avons-nous pas toujours été bienveillants ? In collaboration with Vincent Barré screening presented by Pierre Creton et Vincent Barré
"A collection of four films, or rather a film in the form of a collection: Four portraits that call on memory, on history; from Megève to Le Havre, from Bourron-Marlotte to the gardens of SuZhou." (P.C)

Pierre Creton #08

Screening presented by Pierre Creton and Mathilde Girard
Going up the Seine, going back over the film. Conversing with my friend Mathilde Girard, like Orpheus and the little ghost Fantômette, we follow the path of Pierre and Yacine – one leaves the suburbs, the other leaves the countryside and one nigh, in Giverny, in the gardener’s hut they meet illicitly. (P.C.)

Pierre Creton #09

Screening followed by a discussion with Pierre Creton et Vincent Barré
"The appearance of a nuisance animal at Madeleine’s house spreads panic in the village of Vattetot-sur-mer. In Pierre’s story, it is soon joined by Vincent and the monkeys in India, by Joseph and his hordes of cats." (P.C.)

Pierre Creton #10

Screening followed by a discussion with Pierre Creton, Vincent Barré and Mathilde Girard
"By the sea, a community forms over the summer period, between adults and teenagers, between solar insouciance and heavy pasts. Work and days rhythm life. Un dieu à la peau douce is the secret nocturnal face of this summer." (P.C.)

Pierre Creton #11

Screening with Images documentaires and la Cinémathèque du documentaire "The work of the land, of desire and of death leads us to the bakery in Loges, visited by Saint Roch, to the cabin of terrors in the woods of the fathers (La cabane de dieu was unearthed thanks to Catherine Blangonnet)." (P.C.)