#05 Filmmakers in their garden

L’Île déserte

Sophie Roger

2014France21 mn

The island in question will be imaginary, following on from that envisaged by Gilles Deleuze in his eponymous text, as a utopia and a space for possible beginnings.  It will also have its Friday and be inspired by Joyce’s Ulysses. We will pick flowers there, dig the earth and dream. An island to be lived on, a garden to be cultivated. A garden of Eden as the setting.

(Nicolas Féodoroff, FIDMarseille, 2014)

  • For many years, Sophie Roger has been creating a free and distinctive body of work, far from the Parisian limelight and commerce. Be it drawings or films, her work is rooted in the territory most familiar to her, a corner of the Pays-de-Caux just north of her birthplace. She lives and works here in the countryside, not far from the cliff. From this personal territory, her work constantly questions the elsewhere, the relationship with the other, whoever they may be: friends, neighbours, distant peoples, inhabitants of the past, the sick of today. (Cyril Neyrat)

Production : Independencia Production
Cinematography, sound, editing : Sophie Roger
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