The Silent Majority Speaks

  • Bani Khoshnoudi
  • 2014
    • Iran
  • 94 min
  • Colour and B&W
  • Production
  • Pensée Sauvage Films

In Iran, the rigged elections of June 2009 led to large-scale demonstrations, violent opposition and left many dead. Bani Khoshnoudi collected, juxtaposed and analysed images filmed on the fly with cheap cameras or smart phones, bringing critical insight to the 2009 revolt – which led to the film remaining underground for several years. But these images are also put into perspective. The Silent Majority Speaks paints a broad picture using archival footage to chronicle a century interlaced with revolts and endless repression, which persists even today. Out of this perspective and powerful reflection conveyed both in words and images comes an invaluable fresco of Iran in the light of its aspirations for democracy. (Jocelyne Saab)

  • Sunday 25 March 2018 | 18H10 | Cinéma 2

    Original Version Subtitled in French presented by Jocelyne Saab

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