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To Wander So Many Miles In Vain

Sacha Rey

A “filmic ballad” in the heart of the city of Rio de Janeiro in which Angelica De Paula shares her daily life during the first lockdown. Her story and her songs evoke the domination and power relationships which materialize in bodies. It is in this form which they call u0022documentary danceu0022 that Sacha Rey chooses to respond to the mutism of “necro-liberal” society which produces and makes invisible “sacrificable bodies” (F. Vergès).

Structure :
Master de recherche sous la direction de Cécile Boëx, à l’ÉCOLE DES HAUTES ÉTUDES EN SCIENCES SOCIALES, Mention arts, littératures et langages, Parcours Images, Cultures Visuelles, Histoire de l’art
Cinematography, sound, editing :
Sacha Rey
Original soundtrack :
Angelica De Paula
Assistant director :
Lucas Levecchi
Print source :

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