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Brumaire 231

Baptiste Verrey

Here’s a utopia, year 231.rnWhich is more a clue,rnthan a place or a filmrnat which you’ll look.rnYou haven’t given uprnon a world, have you ?rnYou know traditionalrnutopias are no placernas ours will ever be :rnflags without masts.rnHere is some utopianrnweather forecast,rnto observe all of thesernoutside atmospheres,rnadd all you would tornwhat is already here.rn(Freely inspired by the epilogue of Bernadette Mayer’s « Utopia », 1984)

Structure :
Cinematography :
Anna Brejon, Alice Brygo, Jérémy Jouault, Emma Tholot, Marie Ward, Baptiste Verrey
Sound :
Vincent Domenet, Théophile Rey
Editing :
Helio Pu, Quentin Sombsthay
Print source :

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