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La Cabane de Dieu

Pierre Creton

From his father, Pierre inherited a wood that he looks after and, in the middle of the wood, a cabin, his father’s old hunting lodge where Pierre now enjoys spending time alone with his dog. There, he made a film which he has just completed, twelve years after an unsuccessful attempt. One of the first shots shows the cabin from a steep high-angle view as if seen from the top of one of the trees bordering the glade. More than Thoreau’s cabin, this shot brings to mind Edison’s Black Maria studio. Like the house in Vattetot, the wood cabin is a film studio. And a haunted house. (Cyril Neyrat, Le Jardin des abeilles, Sur quelques films de Pierre Creton, Images Documentaires, Octobre 2020)

Production, cinematography, sound, editing :
Pierre Creton

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