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L’Arc d’Iris, souvenir d’un jardin

Pierre Creton
Vincent Barré

“Five weeks in the Himalayas, three weeks hiking in the Spiti valley….We thought of opening the film with a garden, here in France, in Normandy or the Loiret region, with the both of our gardens, where we grow a few Himalayan plants: aquilegia, mugwort, thalictrum…(and those that eluded our expectations: meconopsis, peonies). We found it very moving to discover these plants “in their home”….Given the splendid beauty of the scenery and its inhabitants, we hadn’t imagined that we would be spending so much time with our eyes glued to the ground. We thought of the idea of scale, on the spot, while filming the flowers. We constantly had to lie on our stomach to film these modest flowers better, in their relationship to the immensity of the landscape.”P.C. (Cultiver, habiter, filmer, conversations de Pierre Creton avec Cyril Neyrat, éditions Independencia, 2010)

Vincent Barré


Production, cinematography, sound, editing :
Pierre Creton, Vincent Barré
Mix :
Jean-Paul Buisson, Emmanuel Lalande

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