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L’avenir le dira

Pierre Creton
2019 France 26 min

“I met Pierre twenty-five years ago, when I set up a stand next to his on Fécamp market; he was selling poultry and eggs, me flowers and honey. We soon got used to going to the café together before the first customers arrived. A ritual renewed with his son Arnaud thanks to the film, when I asked him if could follow them and film the flax harvesting (was it perhaps unconsciously a way of forming with Arnaud a friendship I endlessly sought with his father?). How can “real” friendship be transcribed onto film? Whoever looks at a real friend sees one’s other self, but an ideal self). A film with no subject; I obviously wanted it simple. So the only pleasure left was filming, the land, bodies: I found a land and companions. I followed Pierre and Arnaud as they harvested, with the same need as theirs to get the job done: making images.” (P.C.)

Production, photography, sound, editing :
Pierre Creton

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