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Matinale : Le drone est ce que l’on en fait

Thursday March 19, 10:30am – 1pm, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles

The drone is what you make of it

The use of drones as a recording tool is now ubiquitous in both fiction and documentary film. This usage – at times productive, at times futile – has prompted us to question filming techniques in which the camera operator’s eye is disconnected from the camera lens and the camera escapes, so to speak, the human point of view. In a conversation with Ada Ackerman and Antonio Somaïni, Vincent Sorrel will be asking questions on the evolving use of these devices, starting from Jacques Perconte’s aesthetic undertaking and his reflection on the use of drones for a project in progress. The films of Jacques Perconte are unique encounters with the natural world, and the digital image. The springboard for discussion with the artist, whose work lies at the intersection of the arts, will be the presentation of a generative piece or “infinite film”, Le tempestaire, produced for the Time Machine exhibition and the screening of his Or/Aour, Vienna, made in 2019.Book here :

Moderated by : Vincent Sorrel (teacher and researcher, Grenoble-Alpes University)Speakers : Ada Ackerman (CNRS research fellow and curator of the exhibition Vu d’en haut), Jacques Perconte (filmmaker video artist), Antonio Somaïni (teacher of film studies, visual studies and media theory, curator of the exhibition Time Machine)