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Matinale : Une expérience partagée de l’audiodescription

Tuesday March 17, 10:30am – 1pm, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles

A shared experience of audio-descriptionAudio-describing films:transforming a visual and audio creation into a purely audio work. Creating mental images. Starting up the imagining machine. While audio-description addresses everyone, it exists first and foremost for a blind or partially sighted public. Some say that they dislike a voice narrating what is seen on screen. They prefer to listen to the film as it is, even if they get lost. Does the description spoil the spectator’s personal film? As this description is what becomes the original film for its visually impaired audience, and serves as a shared reality and reference. It could well have been different if written by another audio-describer. So this is it! But what then? Is this described film the same film or another one? How can what the film shows, what the describer subjectively perceives and what the listener perceives be made to coincide? Something will certainly emerge but the initial film will perhaps always remain a kind of dream. An object of desire. The public will share the experience of listening to an audio-description of an excerpt from Gaël Lépingle’s film, Julien: 30 mn of the film in audio-description will be shared in immersion, in the dark.Book here :

In partnership with l’association Les Yeux DitsModerated by : Marie Gaumy (audiodescriber for Les Yeux Dits)Speakers : Anne-Sarah Kertudo (member of Les Yeux Dits, director of l’association Droit Pluriel), Gaël Lépingle (filmmaker), Gaël Teicher (producer, distributor, La Traverse Films)