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Sept pièces du puzzle néo-libéral

Pierre Creton

“At the same time as I was helping my new friends Yves Edouard and Patrick Hébert with the harvest of 1997, there appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique: “The Fourth World War Has Begun”, a geostrategic analysis by Sub-Commander Marcos. On reading this manifesto, the idea of the film came to me.”» (P.C., January 2021)“Neoliberalism, as a global system, is a new war aimed at conquering territories. The end of the Third World War, or the Cold War, in no way means that the world has overcome bipolarity and returned to stability under the hegemony of the victor. For, although there was a vanquished side (the socialist camp), it is difficult to name the victor. The United States? The European Union? Japan? All three? The defeat of the “Empire of Evil” has opened up a new market whose conquest is triggering a new world war, the fourth.”(Sub-Commander Marcos, Le Monde diplomatique, August 1997)

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Univers Gil Mena
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Marie Le Pallec

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