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La Night au Frioul


A group of friends decide to spend a day on the Ile du Frioul, opposite Marseille. They dive, they discuss, run, sing, it dances. They fall asleep around a fire … A shadow, noises. They take shelter in a boat, they tell each other repeated stories, of the village, of adults, of djins … and there they meet a strange woman … We immerse ourselves with them, close to dreams, and to an adult life that is still far but close.

Production :
Ateliers cinématographiques Film flamme – Polygone étoilé
Directing and cinematography :
Sophie Amrani, Claudia Mollese, Camelia Chemintou, Yasmin Chemintou, Elina Chared, Mariama Djoco Manel Hachemi, Nicola Bergamaschi, Matti Sutcliffe, Adrien Von Nagel, Rouaida Youssouf
Sound :
Matti Sutcliffe
Editing :
Nicola Bergamaschi
Print source :

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