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Le Grand Cortège

Pierre Creton

Sir/MadamThe reconstruction works on the new site of Maniquerville’s Yvon Lamour Gerontology Centre are now completed. The residents will be moving to the new premises over two days: Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 October 2010.This is the note displayed at reception, and which I did not wish to reword. It conveyed the crude tone that I had taken out of Maniquerville and which, this time, I was ready to tackle head on.  Who is this information addressing? The residents’ children? Who is this Sir, this Madam? Residents?  Spectators? Spectators of a reality that concerns us all? I see Le Grand Cortège as different from Maniquerville, in its form: here, the camera is constantly moving, the colour, nostalgia rather than melancholy… (P.C.)

Production, cinematography, sound, editing :
Pierre Creton

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