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Le Voyage à Vézelay

Pierre Creton

“To make life and death easier for us, I asked my father if I could film his funeral. My father suggested, as an image of his lifetime, that I use photographs of the Tour de France races he had taken part in. He died during the last stages of the Tour, in summer 2002. Later, I planned to take the road and visit his grave and then the grave of Georges Bataille, whose writings on the outrage of desire and death had accompanied me until then….Le Voyage à Vézelay is the invention of a new family: Françoise, Marie, Bénaïd and me. A community of people who have no community, as Bataille wrote.”P. C. (Cultiver, habiter, filmer, conversations de Pierre Creton avec Cyril Neyrat, éditions Independencia, 2010)

Production :
Le G.R.E.C
Screenplay :
Pierre Creton, Marie Le Pallec
Cinematography :
Pierre Creton, Sophie Roger
Sound :
Graciela Barrault
Editing :
Pierre Creton, Michel Bertrou, Ariane Doublet
Mix :
Jean-Paul Buisson, Emmanuel Lalande

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